60"x30" photoboard of  Evolution.

60"x30" photoboard of Evolution.

Radina Droumeva is a conceptual photography-based visual artist. Radina’s artwork explores themes involving the human condition and how we interact with our environment - drawing inspiration from the practice of mindfulness, personal connection with nature, social justice issues, and climate change issues.

Radina’s main approach to creating involves iterative stages of putting together building blocks - photographs of individual objects - and allowing her imagination to gently guide the process towards a finished concept, with the intention to bring subconscious ideas to life. Her scientific background as a bioinformatician allows Radina to borrow ideas from biology and mathematics research techniques, and combines these with digital image processing tools to fuel her artistry. All is not digital, though - Radina often dabbles in experimentation with her finished works, including use of encaustic and acrylic mediums.


Fine Art Photography Awards: Conceptual Nominee for Nature’s Heartbeat, 2018
Fine Art Photography Awards: Conceptual Nominee for Private Impact, 2018
PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris: Gold award in Fine Art - Still Life for Private Impact, 2017
Fine Art Photography Awards: Conceptual Nominee for the Imagination Series, 2017
Fine Art Photography Awards: Conceptual Nominee for In Pieces, 2017
Monochrome Photography Awards: Honourable mention in the professional category of conceptual photography, 2016
Neutral Density Photography Awards: Honourable mention award in conceptual fine art photography, 2016

For the love of art South Delta show, Harris Barn, Ladner, BC, 2018
Angel Estate Winery, Westham Island, Delta, BC, 2018
APERO Gallery, California, "Expression" collection, 2017
Granville Island Cultural Society: Art in the Venues, summer 2017
North Van Community Arts Council: Art Rental program, 2017
Black Box Gallery, Portland: Online annex exhibit, 2016
Conception Art Show, Las Vegas, 2016

Some of Radina's work is exclusively available on Saatchi Art at www.saatchiart.com/radinadroumeva.

To contact Radina for representation inquiries, collaborations, or to inquire about the purchase of an existing art piece, send an e-mail to info@radinadroumeva.com. Note that most or Radina's works are limited editions of 5 or 10, with some small print editions available in editions of 25. If you are looking for Radina's conceptual portrait work - including pet portraits, family, and individuals, visit www.radinaphotography.com.